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For surgery with Dr. Moreno, consider the following.
In your travel bag you should:

  • Suspend 15 days before surgery medicines such as aspirin, alka seltser, omega 3, vitamins, ginko biloba, weight loss medicines, shakes and exedrine. If you take medicines for High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Thyroid or other underlying disease, DO NOT suspend them.
  • Take 8 glasses of water a day 15 days before; decreased consumption of highly spiced foods, fats, sausages, fried foods, sauces and canned foods. Increase fiber consumption such as fruits, salads, green vegetables, lean meats (chicken, fish), cereal, grains such as peas, lentils, wheat bran. Reduce the consumption of flours (breads, cookies)
  • You will need a pack of maternal sanitary napkins (for Liposculpture) and if necessary Adbominoplasty a package of disposable diapers of adult type panty-TENA
  • Put on light cotton clothes, blouses of buttons, sweatshirts, loose dresses, sports bra, stockings, shoes without heels as sandals for rest, dont keep tight clothes like jeans and lycra.
  • Apply moisturizers at night 1 month before surgery on breasts, abdomen, back, waist and thighs in the form of circles with gentle movements.
  • Remove pircing, sealed earrings, acrylic nails and hair extensions if they have metal before your trip.
  • Suspend cigarette, exercises and reducing massages 15 days before your surgery

Add to my account

  • The day after your arrival at 7:00 a.m. will take Exams in FASTINGS. With your passport in hand, go to the first floor, Clinical Laboratory, where I will leave your orders for your exams.
  • If your surgery is the same day of your exams please stay in FASTINGS.
  • Pre-Surgical Attention, it is your interview with the head nurse to inform how you should present the day of your surgery (you should eat, how to bathe, nails without makeup etc.)
  • Next, it was evaluated by Dr. Moreno who sold him his surgery plan.

The day of your surgery must be presented one hour before in the clinic in AYUNAS and must:

  • Register and announce in the main reception of the clinic (I am a patient of Dr. Moreno and I come to my surgery)
  • Put in the bag that delivers in the single strip, bra, maternal sanitary napkins and disposable diapers (if you are going to perform Abdominoplasty)
  • Once you register to go to Dr. Moreno’s office to be seen.

Plan your diet for before From your surgery

Before a surgery surgery should be focused on three very important factors that must take into account: nourish, immunize and hydrate the body in order to optimize the condition of your muscles, nerves, blood cells and your bones. A bruise and a lot of bruises.

Optimize the results From your diet

Try boiling and grilling your food in order to avoid the use of fats. Do not drink alcohol or consume coffee, do not smoke and avoid garlic, as this food tends to dilute the blood and cause excessive bruising.


Your body requires proteins to generate new cells, maintain your strength and recover quickly. However, you should stay within an ideal calorie range, consuming small portions of food during the day. Rest assured that a diet composed of the following nutrients can help maintain the results after liposuction:

  • Lean proteins such as salmon, chicken meat, tuna and turkey. Avoid red meats, shrimp and organ meats because they contain a high fat content.
  • Complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, whole wheat bread, germ, wheat bran and oats.
  • Leafy green vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower. As well as pumpkin, sweet potato, eggplant, peas, mushrooms and raw carrots.
  • Fresh and dried fruits.
  • Healthy fats such as olive oil, flax seeds, almonds, nuts and sunflower.
  • Soy foods, beans, lentils, beans and chickpeas.
  • Skim milk, cottage cheese, low-fat cheese and buttermilk.

Ideal weight chart

Men’s Women
1.50m 50Kgs
1.50m 48Kgs
1.52m 53Kgs
1.52m 50Kgs
1.55m 56Kgs
1.55m 53Kgs
1.57m 59Kgs
1.57m 55Kgs
1.60m 62Kgs
1.60m 58Kgs
1.63m 65Kgs
1.63m 60Kgs
1.65m 68Kgs
1.65m 63Kgs
1.68m 71Kgs
1.68m 65Kgs
1.70m 74Kgs
1.70m 68Kgs
1.73m 77Kgs
1.73 70Kgs
1.75m 80Kgs
1.75 73Kgs
1.78m 83Kgs
1.78 75Kgs
1.80m 86Kgs
1.80 78Kgs
1.83m 92Kgs
1.83 83Kgs
1.85m 95Kgs
1.85 85Kgs
1.88m 98Kgs
1.88 88Kgs
1.91m 101Kgs
1.91 90Kgs
1.93m 104Kgs
1.93 93Kgs
1.96m 107Kgs
1.96 95Kgs
2.01m 110Kgs
2.01 98Kgs
2.03m 113kgs
2.03 100Kgs
2.06m 116kgs
2.06 103Kgs
2.08m 119kgs
2.08 105Kgs